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Characterized by calmness, purity and transparency of its waters, this coast area is located some 15 kilometers from the tourist resorts of Los Christianos and Playa de La Americas right afger the newly developed coastal areas of Palm Mar and El Fraile.

Las Galletas was a place of transit and supply for fishermen, who usually choose a place to get together and talk, such as the outskirts of “Lonja de Pescado” (Fish Market) and the pier, where they all come early in the morning, in many cases before departing to a new job. Apparently named after a nineteenth century merchant shipwrecked off its coast allowing large quantities of biscuits to was up on the coast much to the delight of locals living in villages close to the coast who later called the coastal area Las Galletas (the biscuits)

Consequently, it is not uncommon to see this place always decorated with vessels turning into mute witnesses of these natural charms smelling of saltpeter.

At the beach you can rent a hammock or an umbrella. There are showers in the open air, Red Cross services during the summer season, salvage teams and an appropriate amount of locals. The short but delightful coastal esplanade is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of other coastal towns on the island. A big hit is the local artisan ice cream shop near the port and the small bar right after the main straight looking out towards Ten Bel. There’s still the morning fishing market selling freshly caught Tuna and locally caught fish.

As a newish village its main inhabitants as many of the shops proclaim are from decedents in Venezuela and Cuba. This creates a very cosmopolitan ambiance and laid back Canariefied sentiment that’s unusual as its is quaint. Worth a visit even from the biiger southern destinations.


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